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Eacotts provides a high quality professional service that gives outstanding value for money to our clients. We endeavour to ensure that our fees and charges are clearly set out and well communicated so that our clients understand how much they will need to pay before work commences.

Our fees vary depending on the professional skill required to undertake  the work we do for you, the time we will spend on that work and the degree of responsibility and risk associated with it. It is our policy, wherever possible, to agree fees in advance of work and fees for ongoing work are reviewed annually.

If you:

  • Tell us what you would like us to do
  • Show us the records and other information which you will provide

We will:

  • Explain the factors affecting our estimate
  • Specify how your contribution can reduce our time involvement
  • Estimate the likely cost of carrying out the work

We can structure our fees to suit your preferred way of paying. This includes periodic or fixed monthly fees, so you can budget easily in advance, and payment by direct debit.

We also offer optional Fee Protection Insurance (from £79 per annum) to provide protection against the cost of defending yourself from HM Revenue & Customs enquiries and inspection visits.