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Sometimes bad things happen and you might suffer a financial loss. However it might be quite difficult to work out how much you have lost. We can help calculate that loss which might be due to business interruption as a result of fire or flood, fraud, theft or a number of other causes. Even the loss of one server can cause serious repercussions in this digital age.

We can act for the insurance company or claimant where there is an insured interest.

We can summarise and if necessary present our findings both orally and in writing.

We might help in a contested or difficult divorce by bringing some common sense, financial expertise and professional judgement to the table. We can analyse and interpret complex financial information so that agreement can be reached when otherwise only argument and bitterness might prevail.

Whatever happens, and whenever and wherever difficult financial issues arise Eacotts is a great firm to have with you if only because once appointed we will not be acting for the other side!