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The accounting and reporting requirements for Housing Associations are complex and can be difficult to understand.   They have become even more challenging following the compulsory requirement for component accounting under the SORP:  Accounting for Registered Social Housing Providers – Update 2012.

At Eacotts, we incorporate our core values into every assignment , striving to deliver high quality services to your organisation.   We maintain our technical and operational knowledge through regular specialist training.

Our understanding of this sector enables us to assist you with any issues you might face. We are also able to help you deal with the financial compliance burden as painlessly  and cost effectively as possible.

Our services for housing association include:

Compliance with your statutory requirements

  • Audit of annual statutory accounts
  • Internal audit of systems, processes and controls
  • Bookkeeping support; and
  • Compilation of annual statutory accounts that comply fully with the new SORP.

Support when dealing Taxation matters

  • VAT planning and compliance including partial exemption reviews;
  • Corporation tax and tax status, including mitigation of corporation tax liabilities, impact of trading activities on charitable status, use of trading subsidiaries and property transactions;
  • Payroll services, PAYE and other remuneration taxes; and
  • Tax trading issues;

We can also help with governance and strategic matters

  • Governance reviews;
  • Budgetary control;
  • Company secretarial support;
  • Fraud risk assessment;
  • Risk management; and
  • Strategic planning;

What else we can offer

  • Assessing the effectiveness of internal control ;
  • Accounting software selection;
  • Pensions; and
  • restructuring

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