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Eacotts offers a managed payroll service for every size of employer, looking after everything a business needs to outsource this critical function. Our reliable and flexible service includes the following:

  • A processed payroll for all your employees on the days you want
  • Swift and secure payment of salaries by BACS (or alternative methods if you prefer)
  • Preparation of individual payslips with copies for your records
  • Preparation of a payroll summary for each payroll
  • Provision of more detailed payroll management reports
  • Provision of forms P60 for your employees
  • All Real Time Information (RTI) filings and compliance
  • All comminucation with HMRC regarding your payroll, including opening and closing schemes, registering starters and leavers, receving and implementing coding changes.
  • Advice on routine payroll queries relating to rates of pay,SSP, SMP,calculating holiday pay, part-time employee issues

Outsourcing payroll saves you the time and worry of buying and maintaining suitable software, training staff and monitoring deadlines.

We will ensure your payroll is handled professionally and complies with all the necessary regulations.

We specailise in complex payroll issues where international tax and national insurance issues require additional expertise for UK nationals being sent abroad and foreign nationals coming to the UK to work from the EU or the rest of thr world.

In 2013 we rolled out our Pension Auto Enrolment Service which neatly completed the circle of work that now must be undertaken by Payroll, HR and Pension Provider each pay day.