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Self Assessment Tax Returns

Our personal tax clients benefit from our objective to help our client’s create, build and maintain their wealth. This includes personal attention to their annual tax return to ensure that it is filed accurately and on time. It also includes reviewing code numbers, forecasting tax payments and checking statements of account so that unexpected tax liabilities do not arise.

We will register Eacotts as your tax agent with HMRC giving us on line access to your tax records. We will:

  • prepare your annual Self Assessment Tax Return including rental income business accounts and Capital Gains Tax computations, as appropriate
  • calculate your tax liability for the year, advise the amount of any Balancing Payment due 31 January and calculate the Payments on Account due for the following year
  • check your code numbers and Statements of Account, obtain any repayments of tax and deal with any H M Revenue & Customs correspondence
  • represent you during any H M Revenue & Customs Enquiry to ensure your interests are fully protected. We offer Fee Protection Insurance to all our personal tax clients.
  • undertake regular financial planning reviews

We offer the same compliance and planning services to Trustees, non resident companies filing UK Tax returns